How to Play

How to Play

On this page you will know how to play on our online poker website and some terminologies that an online poker player needs. But let’s focus on how to play on our website first. The first thing you need to do is to select any of our online poker products. Playing in our website is so simple and if there are something that bothers you, don’t be shy to ask our customer support service that is operational 24 hours. When you already decided what online poker game offered by our online poker website is the one that you are going to play, it is the time to learn some of the terminologies that you need to keep in mind when playing any online poker game.

How to Play

The Ante, little amount of the bets by each player to make up the pot when the game starts.

Call, this is use to place a bet equal to the most recent bet or raise in the game poker.

Check, an option used to not place any bets if there are no raises or call being called in the poker game.

Raise, this method is being used to increase the amount of the current bet.

All-in, this kind of bet is the one that players used when they feel that they will win the poker round 100 percent sure, or sometimes when the player will going to bluff.

Fold, this kind of option is used to forfeit or surrender your card if you are not feeling good that you have a chance to win the round.

This is the six major terminologies that a beginner poker player must know in order to get a higher chance of winning the pot money.

So what are you waiting for, hurry up and go to our website, select any online poker games and start playing.