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Online poker games is really beneficial for every players, it can be a source of fun for them as well as source of money. They can win a lot of money by just simply playing the games at More and more players are choosing because they believed that out site is the best place to play poker games. Register your own account and play all exciting casino games like poker. It’s so easy for players to access the site and convenient to use anytime anywhere. Ou just need to stay connected on the internet. There are a lot of options and games available when playing poker games for real money, if you want to play poker game for real money just simply visit our site and enjoy all exciting poker games available at QQ1x2.




If a player is really comfortable about the concept of the game then they will totally enjoy playing at our site. offer a free poker games, with the high possibility to win free real money that can possibly happen every day. There are a lot of poker sites that you can see on the internet, before you make a bet you should explore first the features of that site. Best site to play all exciting poker games is at if you’re looking for a one of a kind poker experience QQ1x2 is the best site for you. It is indeed the biggest poker room in Malaysia with sexy live dealers. Take a tour now at Onlinepokerqq1x2 and play for real money. While playing at QQ1x2 you’ll also have the chance to claim promotional offers and amazing bonuses. A lot of bonuses you can get such 100% bonus on your very first deposit.

Tips on how to win playing online poker and save your bankroll

Just play within your bankroll

Start playing by means of your personal bankroll to make some money on poker game.

Playing with a low-stakes

Though you want to play on high-stakes cash games it is more advisable for you to start playing with lower-stakes. It can lessen excessive stress on losing the poker game.

Familiarize yourself with the Poker Aspects

If you’re a poker player and looking for some way to overcome the first play game together with unique to poker game like using the time-bank feature.

Playing the poker Game with just one table

A lot of players can’t the feeling of being tempted just like on playing poker game all you want to do is try different tables to experience a lot of fun as we all know that playing the game is the capability to play a lot of table at a time. If you want to become a successful player on playing the poke game at casino site you must learn the table first to win consistently. Once you feel you are comfortable with that table you’ll have the chance to win more every time you play the game.

Arrangement of poker cards

Playing poker game is a very exciting activity to do on QQ1x2 website but before you play make sure you know the ranking of the poker hands. It is necessary for every player to study first the poker hands for you to beat the casino site. In this article you’ll find the ranking of hands starting from high up to low.

Straight Flush – Five constant poker cards of the same suit. Did you know that Ace card can be calculate as the highest type of straight flush like A-K-Q-J-10. While Royal Flash is 5-4-3-2-A. Ace card can be low.

Four of a Kind – Same rank with four poker cards and only one other poker card. For example 8-8-8-8-J.

Full House – The three cards of the same card rank with a pair of poker cards with another card rank. Just like 2-2-2-Q-Q

Flush – It is happen when five cards are on the same suit but not totally arranged continuously.

Straight – it is a five cards with continuous ranks.

Three of a kind – a three poker cards with the same rank and two cards with different rank.

Two Pair – a two cards with one rank and another cards with the second rank together with one card rank.

Pair – a two cards with equal rank and three cards with different card ranks.

Nothing – a card hand which does not any value of the categories. It can be High card or No Pair.

3 trick for easy winning online poker

First thing you need to do is learn the basics – learn the things that are important in the game of poker. Look for some information about the game and also the various positions when playing at the poker table and how they will effect on a certain game.

Memorize the Poker Advanced Concept – Feel the game confidently when you know what tricks and strategy you’ll use on a certain game by just studying the aspect of poker game as well as what kind of tricks should use against with some other players to beat them at all times.

Implement your great skills for you to win – It’s not that easy to learn all the aspect of poker game it will take a lot of time to become really successful player but you can gain a lot of information by playing this game. With some knowledge on poker game you’ll have the chance to win big at all times.


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